About Us

Parkview Community Federal Credit Union (PCFCU) is a member-owned and operated financial cooperative. The first account you open at PCFCU is a Share Account, because your initial deposit of $10 represents your “share” of ownership. As long as you maintain at least this amount in your account, you remain a member of the credit union.

PCFCU Leadership

Members operate the credit union by electing a Board of Directors that establishes and reviews credit union policy. Members serve on the Board of Directors on a volunteer basis with no compensation. Each PCFCU member has one vote in electing the board members, regardless of the amount of money he or she has on deposit with the credit union.

PCFCU Operations

As a financial institution, PCFCU shares many characteristics with a bank. For example, like a bank, PCFCU takes the funds deposited by members in various share and investment accounts and offers those funds to other members as loans. But as a not-for-profit financial institution, PCFCU returns excess earnings to its members by increasing dividend rates on share accounts, lowering interest rates on loans, and introducing valuable new products and services. A bank, on the other hand, returns profits to a select group of stockholders only.

PCFCU Security

PCFCU is a $44 million financial institution whose mission is to provide quality financial products and services at reasonable prices to the majority of Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties in Pennsylvania.  Because the credit union is federally chartered, PCFCU is regulated and its activities are monitored by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the federal government. The NCUA also insures each member’s deposit accounts for up to at least $250,000.00. For more information, click here.