Fee Schedule

Yes, the Parkview Community Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit organization. Still, we have to pay our employees, cover our phone bills and keep the electricity on at both our offices. So we charge fees for some of our basic services, and we do our best to keep them low.

The purchase price of one painting by Pittsburgh native Andy Warhol? More than $38 million. Tuition at Western Pennsylvania's most expensive private college? Over $70,000 a year. Top-of-the-line season tickets for your favorite pro hockey team? More than $8,300.

We mention these because, in comparison, our fees at Parkview Community Federal Credit Union are pretty modest. Want to make a EZ Wire? That's a mere $3.00. Need a cashier's check? Just $10. Debit card replacement? Only $15.  Monthly Checking Account Fee?  Oh well, that's actually a big fat goose egg - $0! Even our loan application fees are well below what some financial institutions charge.

Would you like to see a list of all our fees? No problem. It's a click away.