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On July 1, 2024, Parkview will become Clearview.  You'll be able to bank with Clearview online and at any of their financial centers.  Learn more.

Fraud Prevention

Convenient, anytime access from any device. We expect that when we shop online, communicate with people, manage our finances and most everything else. But all that easy access requires vigilance to keep your accounts and personal information safe. At Parkview Community FCU, we’re committed to helping your prevent fraud and identify the warning signs.

Avoid and Report Scams

There are so many scams and fraudsters are constantly creating new ones.  Valuable information from the Federal Trade Commission shows you the warning signs of scams and how to react if you fall victim.


Protect Yourself from Financial Fraud

Do you know how identity theft, imposter scams, or even unemployment scams can affect your finances? Resources from the US government explain various types of scams and the popular tactics that criminals use to steal your money.


Tax Scams

A text message or telephone call from the Internal Revenue Service can put anyone on guard. Scammers know this and use it to their advantage. Take a close look at these IRS scam resources before responding to anything.


Social Security Scams

Social Security is another hot-button topic criminals use to pressure people into providing information or sending money. Keep your guard up with resources from the Social Security Administration.


Tips from the US Postal Service

Mail fraud remains a risk for everyone and can be very costly. The Postal Inspection Service enforces federal statutes related to postal system crimes and provides helpful anti-fraud guidance.