Really, you use your smartphone to take photos of some pretty silly things. Your pets sleeping. Your kids eating. Your friends screaming on the roller coaster or splashing at South Park. Here's a better use for that camera: Snapping images of checks so you can get your money into your account faster than ever.

So what's the difference between the paper check in your hand and the cash in your Parkview Community FCU account? Simple enough. Even though it's called a paycheck, you can't actually pay for anything with it.

And so your goal is to get it to us as fast as possible. Flash (Mobile) Deposit1  lets you get the job done with the camera on your iPhone or Android phone and your Touch (Mobile) Banking app. You can do it any time of the day or night. And you can do it from your workplace, gym, bus stop, bedroom or any other place that's convenient for you.

The funds go safely and securely into the PCFCU account2 of your choice. And they're ready for you to use as quickly as the next business day.


  • Visit the iTunes or Google Play store and download our app for free
  • Login to the Touch (Mobile) Banking app
  • Click on the “Deposit” tab at the bottom of the app
  • Be sure to endorse (sign) the back of the check and add "For PCFCU Mobile Deposit Only" under your endorsement
  • Take photos of the front and back of the check you wish to deposit
  • Follow the prompts to complete the deposit
  • You’ll receive a confirmation on your smartphone’s screen once the deposit is successfully made.
  • Get more tips for using Flash (Mobile) Deposit
  • Federal government checks
  • Money orders
  • Travelers checks
  • Savings bonds
  • Foreign checks (not drawn on a U.S. bank) or checks not payable in U.S. currency
  • Insurance drafts
  • Checks payable to any person other than you (the account owner)
  • Checks that have been altered
  • Checks dated more than six months prior to the date of deposit

1 Some restrictions apply. Please refer to PCFCU’s Flash (Mobile) Deposit Disclosure and Agreement.

2 Funds availability rules may apply. Funds will not be readily available at the same time they are deposited.