Meet Our Team

Pittsburgh's best teams? The mill workers who made the steel and machines that helped win World War II. The researchers who invented the polio vaccine. The football greats who won four Super Bowls in the '70s. Our team at PCFCU might not be that famous. But we're working every day to be that good.

You might look at Parkview Community Federal Credit Union as a place that provides high-value checking and savings accounts, low rates on loans, and many time-saving electronic banking services. And we're pretty happy if you know all those good things about us.

But you should also view us as your neighbors who bring together a great deal of knowledge and skills that can help you build a solid financial foundation. Each one of us is proud of our work and eager to help you in any way we can.

You can reach our office staff at 412-678-9564, and then add the extension of the person you want to talk to. Also, if you're contacting us by email, you should protect your security by not including account numbers, Social Security numbers, passwords or any other personal information.

Gina Tatkus, President/CEO 
[email protected] – Ext. 112

Liana Falchetti, Operations Manager
[email protected] – Ext. 129

Lindsay Brewer, Lending & Collections Manager (MLO #1226346)
[email protected] – Ext. 123

Linda Hearn, Chief Financial Officer
[email protected] – Ext. 119

Lechelle Stringa, Business Development & Compliance Specialist
[email protected] – Ext. 131


Accounting Department

Rebecca Perhach, Accounting Clerk
[email protected] – Ext. 125

Card Services Coordinator - Open
 Ext. 117

Rachel Madden, Accounting Clerk
[email protected] – Ext. 114


Loan Department

Tammy Cavallaro, Loan Officer (MLO #1786365)
[email protected] – Ext. 120

Chelsea Marci, Loan Processor (MLO #182898)
[email protected] – Ext. 117


Member Services

Shane Balbach, Head Teller - McKeesport
[email protected] – Ext. 122

Jackie Fiorillo, Head Teller - North Huntingdon (MLO #466912)
[email protected] – Ext. 113

Dave Brough, Member Service Advisor 
[email protected] – Ext. 127

Ann Minicucci, Teller 
[email protected]  Ext. 121

Amy Manns, Teller 
[email protected]  Ext. 124


Marketing/Business Development

Marketing Assistant - Open
 – Ext. 130


Board of Directors

Rob Cartia, Chairperson
Marge Barton, Vice Chairperson
Dan Rojas, Treasurer
Kathy Brady, Secretary
Gina Tatkus, Director

Supervisory Committee

Frank Tarli, Chairperson
Marge Barton
PJ Volk