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Home Equity Loans

What would you do for your family if you had some extra money? What dreams would you chase if you had the dollars to do so? At PCFCU, you might be able to turn the value of your home into a low-cost loan that quickly changes all those "ifs" into "right now."

What do you really want? An expanded family room or new bedroom furniture? To take a great vacation or to pay for your bright kid's college tuition? Maybe some welcome relief from unexpected medical bills or growing credit card debt? Whatever items are on your life's to-do list, we can help you check them off.

How do you qualify? If you own a home, you've no doubt been paying down the mortgage. And with a little luck, your property value has gone up. The difference between what you still owe on your home and its market value serves as collateral for a low-cost loan.

Parkview Community Federal Credit Union offers flexible terms that turn all those things you want into things you can actually afford.


  • Receive a lump sum for immediate use
  • Save on interest charges with our low interest rates
  • Payments won't fluctuate, so you can set your monthly budget
  • Interest payments may be tax deductible. Consult your accountant or tax advisor
  • Easy application process - start by filling out our online loan inquiry form