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Our offices will be closed on Thursday, June 6, 2024 for a special employee training.  We will reopen for business at 9AM on Friday, June 7, 2024.  Please call 412-678-9564 for any questions/concerns.

Finances can get complicated. So let's keep this simple. Our high dividend rates means the deposits in your Savings, Money Market and Share Certificate accounts earn more money. That's good. Our low interest rates on loans means you pay less in interest charges when you borrow money. That's good, too.

Here's a good reason for joining Parkview Community Federal Credit Union. We don't have shareholders clamoring for maximum profits. Instead, we turn extra earnings into exceptional benefits for our members in Western Pennsylvania and beyond. This is one place where that effort shows up, in higher dividend rates and lower loan interest rates.

Loan Rates

Whether you need money for a car or college, we can provide low-cost financing that won't do a lot of damage to your household budget.


Deposit Rates

Your savings grows faster when you put it in a place that pays nice dividends. The same goes for your Money Market and Share Certificate deposits.