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Visa Cash Cards, Visa Gift Cards (Plastic or Virtual) Money Orders & Bonds

Question: What's almost like money but can't be obtained from our surcharge-free ATMs? Answer: Visa Cash Cards, Visa Gift Cards (Plastic or Virtual), money orders, and U.S. Savings Bonds. Let us know if we can help you with any of these convenient options for spending and saving money.

So you need to buy a present for your mother-in-law in Munhall or your teenage niece in Trafford. But you have no idea what they like or want. Here's the solution: A Visa Cash Card or Visa Gift Card (plastic or virtual) they can use at the mall, the salon or online to purchase whatever their heart desires. 

Money orders are still are popular way to make payments, especially through the mail. They're safer than sending cash because only the listed recipient can use the money order. And some people feel safer sending money orders than personal checks because they don't contain credit union account numbers.

As for Savings Bonds, did you know the government stopped printing paper bonds a few years back? These patriotic investments are still available, but only in electronic form. At Parkview Community Federal Credit Union, we can help you redeem your old bonds and show you how to buy new ones.


  • Visa Cash Card is a pre-paid (reloadable) debit card that is safe and convenient and can be used for purchases or to obtain cash from an ATM. It can be obtained in dollar values ranging from $10 to $5,000 for $6.95 per card.
  • Visa Gift Card is a pre-paid (non-reloadable) debit card that can be purchased as a gift for any occasion.  A plastic or virtual card can be obtained in dollar values ranging from $10 to $1,000 for $3.00 per card. (Usage restrictions may apply.  Call credit union for questions.)
  • Money orders are available for $1.50 each.
  • Savings bonds can be redeemed at either our main office in McKeesport or our branch office in North Huntingdon.
  • For information on buying new bonds, you can visit the U.S. Treasury Department website.